We understand that as a coach, you want to spend your time doing what you're good at, coaching and winning games! The problem is, in order to stay competitive and build a program, you need the right tools. These tools vary from uniforms, weight room equipment, camps, clinics, etc. Whatever tool your team needs to stay competitive, they all cost money. With school budgets tightening and costs increasing, having the right fundraising plan is essential.

Whether you are a parent, alumnus or a supportive member of the community and serve on a booster club, we understand that you are giving your time to help the team. You want to spend your time doing things that are going to offer real help and support to the team. The problem is, there are so many things that you and others in your organization have to worry about and choosing what fundraisers to run is difficult.

In addition to being a good athlete, there are other ways to help your team. One way is to give the best effort with your team's fundraiser. Aside from earning individual prizes, doing a great job with the team fundraiser is a way to contribute and help your team reach a goal.

NFP Sports offers local businesses the ability to promote themselves through grass roots fundraising programs with their local schools and teams, while offering members of the community the ability to save money. Local schools and teams WIN by raising the money they need. The community WINS by saving money at your establishment. You WIN by generating new and repeat business.

NFP Sports is committed to offering consumers products that are worthy of their investment. When a consumer chooses to support a local school or team's fundraiser, they should get something of value in return (we don't sell overpriced wrapping paper). Whether you're purchasing an edible or discount product, you should be happy with it. We put an extensive amount of effort into finding and developing our products.

NFP Sports was established to serve the fundraising needs of sports teams and programs in serious need of funds. Our independently owned and operated franchisees, known as Fundraising Coaches, specialize in raising money for sports teams and programs through our systematic approach that has been proven over a 20 year period. Based on the fact that many of our Fundraising Coaches are past athletes and coaches, we understand not only the need to fundraise but the need for it to fit into a team's schedule without causing disruption. Due to our experience with exclusively working with sports teams, we understand exactly how to get the job done, so teams can spend their time getting better on and off the field.

With our Fundraising Coaches physically working in their respective territories, we take a hands-on approach. Our program promises to produce concrete results ($100-$200 per athlete) in a short amount of time (7-14 days). Depending on the type of athletic program, we have the right product and plan to be successful. Our fundraisers do not require any up-front cost and there are no minimums. We provide high quality products and services that require no up-front work on the team's or program's part. Our only requirement is that the sports teams and programs that we work with are serious about raising money and reaching their goals.

Number of Athletes

Money Raised:  *

* This is an average of what a typical fundraiser will generate. Actual results are subject to the team / organization's goals and performance.